Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Backup in a Malden Area School

SERVPRO often gets called in by local municipalities to remedy biohazardous cleanups. The contaminated debris on the floor of this Malden area school required p... READ MORE

Muck and Mud Flooding in Melrose

This house under construction was flooded with groundwater leaving mud and muck, a very contaminated mixture of debris. SERVPRO used shovels, squeegees, and a p... READ MORE

Water and Fire Damage Restorations in Melrose

The horrific kitchen fire in this Melrose home left behind a sooty, sticky residue from the extinguishing efforts, along with the heat damage caused by the fire... READ MORE

Rec Room in Melrose and Water Damage Remediation

The leaking pipe from the sink/bar in this Melrose rec/entertainment room soaked the wall. The water damage warranted the removal of the lower portion of the dr... READ MORE

Pressure Washing Peanut Manufacturing Factory

The owner of this food plant, where peanuts were used in manufacturing, called in SERVPRO of Medford/Everett to pressure wash the entire structure from peanut d... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Mat Drying System Saves the Day!

This home in Melrose had shingles blown off during a weekend of severe rainstorms. Water entered through the roof affecting the entire first floor. In addition... READ MORE

Commercial Roof Leak to Store from Severe Rain Storms

This yarn store suffered a roof damage from severe and damaging rains over the weekend. The ceiling collapsed from the weight of the water leaving quite a mess... READ MORE

Sprinkler Head Hit by Baseball

SERVPRO received an urgent call from the owner of this Athletic Complex. A baseball was hit by a batter in one of the batting cages and went through the nettin... READ MORE

Terminal Cleaning of Hospital

SERVPRO of Malden/Melrose has been called into many area hospitals to perform a “Terminal Cleaning” Many people ask “what is a Terminal Clean... READ MORE

Fire at large plumbing warehouse

This enormous plumbing supply warehouse suffered a fire damage which resulted in smoke and soot damage throughout the entire building. Although it may not alwa... READ MORE