Recent Before & After Photos

Big-Time Blaze in Malden

The kitchen fire in this Malden residence created significant destruction. The burned appliances, assemblies, and building materials needed to be bagged and dis... READ MORE

Melrose Water Restoration

The powder room off to the side of the main entrance to this Melrose home sprung a leak and soaked portions of the laminated planks. The Before Photo depicts th... READ MORE

Basement Storm Damage in Melrose

The rainstorm flooded the basement of this Melrose home and overcame the efforts of the sump pump. The standing, contaminated water soon de4veloped mold, as sho... READ MORE

Water Removal and Recovery in Malden

The strong flow of water from the broken pipe in the restroom resulted in the visual shown in the Before Photo. The ceiling lights are reflecting off the standi... READ MORE

Malden Storm Damage

The Before Photo depicts a room of a house in Malden that the external wall leaked copious amounts of rainwater. The only option by our SERVPRO crew was to tear... READ MORE

Demolition in a Melrose Kitchen

The flare-up from the grease-filled frying pan scorched this Melrose kitchen. Open flames, when not immediately put out with a well-stored ABC fire extinguisher... READ MORE

Melrose Water Damage Mitigation

There was a great challenge presented to our SERVPRO team upon arriving at this water-damaged Melrose vacant house. The water from the leak was sufficient to ab... READ MORE

Ceiling Repair in Melrose

The plumbing, when concealed by intent, can add to the ambiance of a Melrose home; leaks can pose a significant problem for fixing and repairing the water damag... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in a Malden Area School

SERVPRO often gets called in by local municipalities to remedy biohazardous cleanups. The contaminated debris on the floor of this Malden area school required p... READ MORE

Muck and Mud Flooding in Melrose

This house under construction was flooded with groundwater leaving mud and muck, a very contaminated mixture of debris. SERVPRO used shovels, squeegees, and a p... READ MORE